Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.


I am a teacher of Psychology and teacher educator.

I also have a strong interest in educational research, focused on the psychology of teaching & learning (especially the role of memory), teacher research engagement and teacher professionalism, literacy and language, and the philosophy of teacher research engagement.

I work on the PGDE teacher education programme at the University of Strathclyde, helping to develop new secondary school teachers. Prior to this, I taught Psychology in secondary schools for 16 years, and have also taught English as a foreign language.

Why Psychology?

Psychology is typically defined as the scientific study of the human mind and human behaviour. As it covers all aspects of behaviour and interaction, the subject matter of Psychology is very broad, and there are interesting connections with both biological science, with philosophy, and with social sciences such as sociology, politics and economics.


The BPS - British Psychological Society - is the learned society and professional body for my subject. I am very pleased to have been appointed to their Standing Committee on Pre-Tertiary Education (SCoPTE).

I have also been selected to serve on the committee of BPS's Psychology in Education section from 2017-2020.