Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.



I am an author, PGDE tutor & school psychology teacher. My research interests focus on memory and on teacher research engagement, and I have authored several books relating to the psychology of education, as well as school psychology textbooks.


Research Interests

Currently I am researching the application of the ‘interleaving effect’ to classroom tasks, as well as learner and teacher beliefs about memory and about classroom techniques. I’m also part of a team looking at how research is accessed and used in the workplace, and exploring ‘nudge psychology’ strategies for better research engagement.

Study History and employment

I work as a Teaching Fellow at the School of Education of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and have also taught in schools, adult education, and online. I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of St.Andrews, and then completed an MSc in Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. I am now in my final stages of a part-time PhD, which I have completed alongside my teaching work.

Recent Talks & workshops

I have given several workshops and talks, most recently:

  • ‘Metacognition: how effectively can students and educators reflect on experience?’ Guest seminar at the University of Glasgow’s School of Psychology, Glasgow, 17th May 2019.

  • ‘Mythbusting.’ Keynote at Accelerate Early Career Teachers, Chartered College of Teaching/Department of Education event, Manchester, 16 March 2019.

A full list of my past talks can be seen here (listed below the books/publications), and I would be happy to discuss future speaking opportunities – just message me via my contact page. I also run CPD sessions – more information here.

Selected Publications

My publications fall into three main categories:

  • Books for teachers

  • Textbooks for school psychology

  • Research-based articles

My most recent publication is ‘The Teacher’s Guide to Research’ – as the name suggests, it aims to guide teachers through the process of using research in their classrooms, including equipping them to carry out and share their own research/practitioner enquiry projects.

All of my books can be seen here, and a full list of all of my publications can be seen here.