Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.


Looking through my two most recent textbooks.




I am a teacher of psychology at school level, and I also conduct research into human memory, looking at how knowledge of memory can be applied to education.

I am active in promoting and developing Psychology education... (read more).


Good resources are essential to the classroom experience, and I have authored/co-authored several textbooks; I have also created a huge library of teaching resources, much of which is free to download from this site... (read more).

Research Interests

Currently I am researching the application of the ‘spacing effect’ to classroom tasks. I’m also looking at evolutionary aspects of memory... (read more).

Work & study history

I am currently Head of Psychology at Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow, where I have worked since 2001. I am also doing a PhD at Strathclyde University, in the Education Faculty. Previously I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of St.Andrews, and then completed an MSc in Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. I also worked at Charles University in Prague for two years.

Recent Talks & workshops

Workshop, 'Collaboration for the psychology teacher' at the EFPTA conference, Prague - 9 April 2016

Workshop, 'How can education in the social sciences prepare young people for major societal changes?', at the annual SERA conference, 20 Nov 2015.

Keynote at the annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (Scotland branch)., 3 Oct 2015.

Workshop at ResearchEd Scotland, 30 Aug 2015, 'Establishing Hutchesons' Centre for Research - a Reflection'. 

Selected Publications

  • Firth, J. (2015). National 5 & CfE Higher Psychology Student Book. Glasgow: Leckie & Leckie.
  • Firth, J. (2011). Higher Psychology: Success Guide. Glasgow: Leckie & Leckie.
  • Staddon, G., Duffy, A., Cherrie, R., Firth,J. and McDermott, J. (2005). Psychology for Higher. Paisley: Unity Publications.