Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.


CPD COurses

I offer a selection of CPD workshops/presentations about the role of memory and research in education. Workshops last 2-3 hours, presentations 1 hour. 

My availability is very limited - please use the contact page to enquire. 


Working Memory

This workshop explains key working memory concepts to teachers and shows them how to make simple but effective changes to teaching practice to boost pupil understanding. Examples are drawn from many different teaching subjects, and research evidence is summarised.


Long-term Memory 

Decades of research in cognitive psychology are succinctly condensed into an overview that gets right to the heart of what teachers should understand about long-term memory. Specific concepts are explored including interleaving and retrieval practice.

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Teacher Research

There are many benefits to teachers becoming more involved in research. The key skills of the teacher-researcher are explained including identifying variables, methodological choices, ethical considerations and practical applications.