Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.


Psychology School Courses

Psychology at school is universally popular - once introduced, the courses never struggle to attract pupils! Learners from the start of secondary school - and even earlier - can benefit from learning about human behaviour. It will help them to understand themselves and others, and to develop key life skills. It is also a fascinating context in which to learn about and conduct research. 

Please get in touch if you are a school leader that plans to begin offering the subject. I can help with all stages of course development.

Raising Attainment

How can pupils learn better? My research is entirely focused on this problem. In particular, I can advise both schools and individuals about how to study more effectively, and I can help schools to implement study skills programmes that are evidence-based and actually work!

Syllabus Design

I have been closely involved in the design and revision of several school-level psychology courses, and have also worked for many years as a teacher and examiner. I would be happy to provide professional consultation on new courses.


I often mentor other psychology teachers, either formally or informally - generally free of charge. Please get in touch if you are new to psychology teaching.