Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.
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I have written 2 textbooks and co-authored a 3rd, all for school-level Psychology in Scotland. View my N5 & Higher textbook here.


I have two forthcoming collaborative writing projects, both on education. I will be writing a chapter for the UK version of Flip the System - I am delighted to be contributed to this exciting project. I have another project in the pipeline - details hopefully to be announced soon.


My education blog focuses on the way that psychology can be applied in teaching and learning, on issues of teacher professionalism, and on the structure of the curriculum. I write a series of brief summaries of psychology research and theories for students, and I occasionally write guest posts for other education blogs. Here is a recent example.

Creative writing

I write poetry and short stories, as well as some longer fiction. I'm currently collaborating with my wife on a fantasy novel.

Full list of publications

A full list of my articles and books, talks and workshops.