Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.



Psychology in the Classroom

Psychology is fundamental to learning and teaching. This book provides a detailed and evidence-based yet very accessible guide to memory, motivation, and other cognitive and emotional concepts. Co-author Marc Smith and I are both BPS Chartered Psychologists and classroom teachers, and the book maintains a strong focus on practical strategies to improve learning and well-being, backed by in-depth professional expertise.


Flip the System UK: A Teachers' Manifesto

Chapter Title: 'Experts in Learning'

In this piece I propose that research-based expertise in the psychology of memory and learning can help to emancipate teachers by bolstering their professional agency and equipping them to challenge top-down managerial approaches and question intuition-based classroom decision making.

This chapter appears in "Flip the System UK: A Teachers' Manifesto", (Routledge, Nov 2017, edited by Lucy Rycroft-Smith & JL Dutaut).


AQA GCSE Psychology All-in-One Revision and Practice

Co-authored with Marc Smith, this book is aimed at the AQA syllabus, and is part of a series which applies the concepts of distributed learning and retrieval practice to textbooks. 

The book features clear and thorough sections on all of the topics of the course, followed by extensive sets of practice questions to help with consolidate learning. There is a also a full practice exam paper.



National 5 & CfE Higher Psychology Student Book

This textbook is aimed at all students studying either N5 or Higher Psychology, and is also suitable for those who do both courses consecutively. 

 It provides a range of the most popular option topics, and is packed with review questions and activities. The clear structure helps learners to see how topics can be explained using more than one perspective/approach to Psychology.