Teacher of psychology, author, researcher.




I write textbooks for Psychology courses, and guides for teachers.



I have recently finished work on an exciting new project - a new GCSE book, co-authored with fellow psychology teacher Marc Smith, and published by Collins in time for the launch of the new specification..

This book is aimed at the AQA syllabus, and is part of a series which aims to apply the concepts of distributed learning and retrieval practice to textbooks. These are both key research interests of mine, so it's fascinating to be involved.

The book features clear and thorough sections on all of the topics of the course, followed by extensive sets of practice questions to help with consolidate learning. There is a also a full practice exam paper.

The book is now available to buy.


Psychology in the classroom

Psychology is fundamental to learning and teaching, and yet most teachers have a limited amount of background in psychological concepts such as memory and motivation. This book aims to fill that gap, providing a detailed and evidence-based yet very accessible guide to these and other concepts.

Unlike other books it does not just focus on cognitive aspects of learning or social/emotional issues like behaviour, but covers both. It is being published in February 2018 by Routledge, also in collaboration with Marc Smith. (Marc also has another book out soon - The Emotional Learner). 

Marc and I are both Chartered Psychologists, and we believe that the level of depth and expertise in the book is greater than most of its competitors. Above all, the book is practical, having been written by classroom teachers, and maintains a strong focus on what can be implemented immediately to improve learning and learner well-being.


Higher & N5 Psychology textbook

This textbook is aimed at all students studying either N5 or Higher Psychology, and is also suitable for those who do both courses consecutively. 

Unlike other available materials this is a full-length textbook, provides a range of the most popular option topics, and was written for the most recent (CfE) version of the syllabus. It is packed with review questions and activities, and the clear structure helps learners to see how topics can be explained using more than one perspective/approach to Psychology.

The book contains plenty of good reading for those with a general interest in Psychology, too!

It came out in 2015 and is published by educational publisher Leckie and Leckie.